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How Bookstores Can Survive In The Internet Age (互联网时代,实体书店何去何从 ) - Forum Review

As per my earlier post on the Singapore Writers Festival which is on-going till tomorrow (12th Nov 2017), I managed to attend one of the pre-selected forum : How Bookstores Can Survive In The Internet Age - 互联网时代,实体书店何去何从 (in Mandarin).  This is the first time I attended such forum, so, it's a new leap for me! Yeay!
There was a small hiccup when I try to purchase the ticket online this morning (via Sistic), it keep prompting me as "unavailable". Initially, I thought the event was sold out but my instinct directed me to counter check. After FB Messenging with the SWF personnel, it is confirmed that the event is NOT sold out and I can get the ticket on the spot at the Art House. 
Moral of the story? Never take thing at its face value, always, counter confirm!   
Being an avid reader myself, books (or any good reading materials) is very important to me. With the invent of the Internet and e-everything, it is a very real disruption to the book/publishing industry, especiall…

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