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Blockchain Technology Is Here To Stay

Sorry for MIA (Missing In Action) for almost a month. Recently, besides busy with everyday routines, I have been researching about the revolutionary technology called Blockchain. I am pretty sure that most of you folks have heard of it or at least the cryptocurrency like Bitcoin that creating a huge buzz nowadays (the underlying technology of Bitcoin is Blockchain). 
The more I read about it, the more I am convinced that Blockchain will be the future of internet or the so called Web 3.0. One particular interesting by-product feature of Blockchain, Smart Contract, will be everywhere in the near future and it will not only disrupt the financial industry, it will be disrupting every industry. Even though Blockchain technology is still at its infancy but it has started to gain plenty of traction and it is evidenced in the recent Singapore Fintech Festival.    
This also triggered me to create another blog focusing on the sharing of Blockchain Journey in Singapore : Blokchain SG
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